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Stainless Steel Measuring Cups with handle (3 Sizes) Made in Korea | Hauls Home


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Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

Functional measuring cups available in a range of sizes that are most frequently used in cooking or baking. Ultra-convenient for mixing and pouring with their built-in handles, and they work on both fire and induction stoves.



Perfect size for holding, ideal for mixing sauces or preparing ingredients for fried rice. This is a size that is commonly used in home baking. It can even be used as a cup for rice wine or drinks when you go on a camping trip!


A must-have measuring cup size for home cooking, this is ideal for measuring out water when cooking instant noodles. It also holds about 4-5 eggs, so you can beat up some eggs to fry in it.


Great size for mixing bigger portion gravy and the perfect size to cook up a bowl of instant noodles. It is also big enough to beat up eggs with sliced ingredients for an omelette or pancake, and all the more convenient with its handle. 

Product Specifications

Material: Stainless steel 18-8

Country of Origin: Korea


250ml - Diameter 9.5cm, Height 5.8cm

500ml - Diameter 11.5cm, Height 7cm

750ml - Diameter 13.5cm, Height 8cm

All the sizes here have markings for every 100ml. The markings on the cups end at 200, 400 and 600ml respectively, depending on their total volume.

If these sizes are too small for your purposes, check out these stainless steel mixing bowls in 1500ml and 3000ml.

 Design & Function

Induction Stove-Friendly

These measuring cups work on both gas and induction stoves so you can use them to melt butter or chocolate for baking with no need for an extra measuring cup or pot. They are also great for blanching food or to cook some boiled eggs.

Punched Hole in Handle 

Easily store them on hooks around your kitchen where you can reach for them any time.


Stack up all the different sizes in one pile to save space in your storage!

Cautionary Note

  1. When using the product on gas or induction stoves, ensure that they are filled with liquid and not empty. Always use low heat when melting solids like chocolate or butter.
  2. Stains with a rainbow-like sheen may appear on the product when used over direct fire. This is a natural reaction and you can remove the stains by cleaning the product with baking soda and vinegar.
  3. Depending on the type of induction stove you are using, there may be cases where the product is incompatible.

Note on Stainless Steel Material

  1. Minor scratches or banding and abrasion marks may be present on the surface of the product due to the nature of stainless steel.
  2. Some abrasive residue from production may be left on the stainless steel product. To remove them, boil the product in a dilute solution of vinegar, baking soda and water (1:1:2) and dry it with a towel before applying cooking oil on the surface. Lastly, wash it with a soft dishwashing sponge like you normally would other utensils.
  3. Avoid using rough sponges as they may leave scratches on the product.

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