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9 Best Baby Shower Gifts & DIY Hamper Ideas

9 Best Baby Shower Gifts & DIY Hamper Ideas

Attending baby showers and birthdays can be tough, especially when it comes to picking a good gift. In making sure that your gift doesn’t seem too cheap, is sufficiently thoughtful and doesn’t overlap too much with other gifts, you tend to run into another problem: Baby items are usually really expensive and sometimes don’t work up to expectations. 

The best tip we got for you is to DIY your own baby shower hamper! Not only will it save you the money, it also means that you get to choose higher quality products that your friend does not already have. 

Here are some of the best baby products that have great quality, functionality and won’t break the bank. These items are a perfect start for your friend’s next baby shower DIY hamper, or even, as a gift for your own baby!

Baby Dining Related Products

1. Silicone Baby Bibs

Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Baby Bib

Bibs are an undeniable essential product for children in their early years with the recent trend being silicone bibs. Silicone baby bibs last longer, are more hygienic and are easier to clean up than your traditional cloth bibs –making it a perfect addition to your baby shower gift hamper!

Dailylike’s BongBong Silicone Bibs are not only adjustable, meaning they can be used for a long time even as the baby grows bigger, but are also BPA-free. They come in stylish minimalistic designs, with aesthetic muted colours like Mustard and Dusty Rose. These silicone bibs are also safe for hot water and microwave sterilisation, so they can be kept extra sanitised after each use. 

2. Silicone Baby & Kids Suction Bowl 

Baby Shower Gift Idea: Silicone Suction Bowl

All babies start to eat hard food at six-months of age. They will also reach a point where they need to learn to eat independently, and we can all imagine how messy that gets. Luckily, nowadays, bowls with suction stay put even with the most uncoordinated of babies, keeping their food on the table and off the ground. 

BongBong Silicone Suction Bowl by Dailylike ensures a strong suction while remaining flexible and soft, allowing both parents a nice, peaceful mealtime with no worries. The bowl is made with food-grade silicone that is cold and heat resistant (-50°C to 250°C), so they can be easily stored in the refrigerator or freezer, microwaved and sterilised in hot water. Your expecting friend will highly appreciate & thank you for this baby shower gift, trust us! 

3. Air-Tight Baby Food Storage Containers

Baby shower hamper: Air tight baby food storage containers

Sometimes, preparing food for babies can be a hassle, with the small portions and special dietary requirements. Speed up meal prep times by preparing big batches of food or ingredients at one shot and storing them safely in air-tight containers for portioned consumption. If the child has yet to start on solids, there’s still a whole list of baby food items that would benefit from a leak-proof and air-tight packaging. 

Dailylike’s Bong Bong Tritan Baby Food Container not only checks off all the boxes, but is also unique with its functional stack-and-click feature which ensures that the stacked containers never topple. It comes with externally-printed measurement indicators, which allow an easy monitoring of the baby’s food intake. The containers are made with PCT and microwaveable, and each set comes with three handy sizes for all different portions. 

Baby Accessories & Hygiene

4. Chemical-Free Soft Pillows

Baby Shower Gifting Ideas: Baby Pillow

Babies spend most of their time sleeping and cuddling, and so they’re constantly surrounded by bedding and soft pillows. Not many people realise the importance of ensuring that the pillows babies use are free of dangerous chemicals, but the sweat and drool accumulated as the baby snoozes could expose them to soluble chemicals which cause problems for their sensitive skin. 

The Animal Soft Bamboo Fibre Pillows by Hug+ are chemical free and made with all-natural bamboo fabric, making it safe for babies. The bamboo fabric also has organic anti-bacterial properties that help naturally eliminate bacteria and reduce any unpleasant odours, making it durable and hygienic. The adorable and pretty animal designs are a huge plus, making it the perfect candidate for a great baby shower gift!

5. Baby Bubble Bath Soap

Bath time is an essential part of life, and fun bath times make childhood memories even better. The best part about soaking in a tub are arguably the bubbles, and you can’t achieve an impressive lather by simply using normal body soap.

Nahthing Project’s All-Natural Baby Bubble Bath Powder not only ensures that every soak is filled with huge amounts of foam and bubbles, but is also able to maintain the water temperature to keep the bath warm for longer. It’s made with all natural ingredients, no artificial scents and no chemical colouring agents, making it perfect for sensitive skin as well. The bubble bath powder comes in four pretty pastel colours, and is a great gift option for baby showers or birthdays!

6. Cute Baby & Kids Socks

When it comes to gift-giving, clothes are an obvious staple. When getting clothes for babies and children, the importance of non-hazardous materials is often overlooked, despite the probability of such clothing leading to allergic reactions, skin disorders or even cancer. 

Dailylike’s Daily Kids Socks Gift Set comes with 12 cute, timeless designs and are made with kid-safe materials. These socks are fashionable and high-quality, made with combed yarn to minimise fluffing from continuous washing. They’re designed in a slightly bigger size that will shrink with washing to fit the exact sizing stated, ensuring a good fit once the child gets to wear them. The socks come in three different sizes, perfect for babies to young children, and have a non-slip sole to prevent slipping. The nicely boxed packaging also makes it a convenient gift for all occasions!

Mother & Baby Skin Care

7. Baby Lotion

Skin care isn’t just limited to adult use – babies need just as much TLC (Treatment, Love and Care) as we do! However, we do have to be more mindful of the ingredients that go into the products we use on babies. 

The Baby & Kids Body Lotion by Paul Medison is a Korean baby lotion suitable for even babies with sensitive skin, and contains ingredients like centella extract and panthenol to soothe and moisturise the skin. It's so gentle that it can even be used as baby face cream, and is also great for the hot and humid Singapore weather with its light and non-sticky texture. This one is definitely a useful and practical gift to add to your list of baby gift items to get!

8. Relief Mist Spray & Soothing Gel

It is a fact that babies’ skin is sensitive and gets irritated easily, due to the heat or harsh materials. Instead of allowing the irritation to slowly subside over time, it’s always great for parents to have some sort of salve at their disposal, be it mist sprays or soothing gels. This makes these items a great candidate for your perfect baby shower gift!

One of the best-selling Korean baby skincare products is La Vikit’s Nordic Skin Soothing Relief Mist. Made with purified water, this mist contains birch sap extract for a mild yet powerful soothing effect on the skin. The mist spray helps calm red and irritated skin and dryness, and is a perfect mild solution for hypersensitive skin. Its use is not limited to babies either - it can be used as a toner and a makeup fixer spray, making it a great multi-use product for both mom-to-be and baby to enjoy.

The Nordic Baby Soothing Relief Gel by La Vikit is also another recommended product to soothe irritated skin and blemishes. It is made from all-natural ingredients, and is quickly absorbed with no sticky residue to provide moisture to dry, itchy skin and overheated skin. 

9. Stretch Mark Care Oil

Baby shower gifts for moms in Singapore: Stretch mark oil cream solution

Moms need some love too! Pregnancy is a difficult process, and more often than not results in harsh stretch marks and itchy skin. Perfect for a baby shower gift is XUSURRUS’ Pregnancy Body Firming Oil, which helps to restore elasticity and moisture in pregnant women’s dry skin, helping to prevent stretch marks.

The oil helps soothe itchy skin and does not leave a sticky residue, and is hypoallergenic so it’s safe for use on sensitive skin. It’s best to give this to any moms-to-be earlier in their pregnancy but it’s also very effective postpartum when the belly is tightening.


Next time you get invited to a baby shower or to visit a newborn, you won’t have to worry about overpriced gifts that run the risk of not working as advertised. The products recommended are all tried-and-tested to be immensely popular in Korea, so you know the family you’re gifting it to will love it as well.

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