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Christmas 2020: Quality Gifts for Family & Loved Ones

Christmas 2020: Quality Gifts for Family & Loved Ones

Christmas is the season of giving, and while we covered some gift ideas for colleagues in our previous article, we’re all sure to want to spend a little more on the best Christmas gifts for loved ones. These gift ideas consider the different interests and needs that your family and close friends may have, so buckle up and get ready to start gifting!

Beautiful Kitchenware & Cookware

If you have loved ones that are big foodies, or love cooking, good quality cooking utensils this Christmas will make both practical and thoughtful gifts. Neoflam’s FIKA Ceramic-Coated Pots & Pans Set is a popular selection among home cooks in Korea, with its chic minimalistic design and high functionality. The pots and pans come with a premium non-stick ceramic coating that is resistant to stains, and can be used with both induction and gas stoves. These come in 2 or 3-piece sets of your choice. The FIKA pot set would make the perfect Christmas 2020 gift idea especially for those planning a Christmas party with home-cooked food this year.

If you’d like to treat your family and friends to a kitchen tool that is a little more unique, smart kitchenware would make for great Christmas gifts as well. These modern tools are not just good for home bakers, but can be used for daily tasks like making coffee or portioning pet food. The Smart Digital Kitchen Scale by Peter’s Pantry comes in simple and elegant designs, and can be used to measure anything from solids (in grams) to various liquids like water, milk and oil (in milliliters or ounces). The usual taring function is also available in the scales, and the digital scale can be easily dismantled for convenient cleaning.


Peter Pantry’s Smart Digital Measuring Cup also has similar functions, but its bigger design allows the user to directly pour in the ingredients being measured, ensuring utmost convenience and minimal wash-up. 

Home Decor & Accessories

For a unique and memorable Christmas gift, Design Chosun's Mother of Pearl Traditional Korean Tea Table is a great option that is sure to be well-appreciated by your precious loved ones. It's handmade and inlaid with natural Mother of Pearl in intricate designs, making it an exquisite gift to show your love for your family and friends. This dainty table is great for entertaining guests with tea and snacks, or just as a decorative fixture to upgrade your gift recipient's home interior design!


Another home interior accessory that would make a great gift is Design Chosun's Mother of Pearl Wooden Jewellery Box. Like the tea table, the jewellery box is inlaid with Mother of Pearl, and is just the right size to store the most precious jewellery items and accessories safely and neatly. This gift will be especially appreciated by older ladies, as it'll make a wonderful addition to their vanity table!


Practical Gifts for Children

In family gatherings, the ones looking most forward to receiving gifts are undoubtedly the adorable kids of the family. Besides gifting the kids something they will love, keep the parents in mind by preparing a functional gift that can be incorporated into the children's daily lives. Cink's Kids Bamboo Dish & Cutlery Set is not only aesthetically pleasing with its pretty muted colours, they are also safe for babies and eco-friendly. The set contains all the dishware that a child will need when dining, and is the perfect Christmas gift for both parents and children alike!


Making Your Gift Extra Special

As BlueBasket uses environmentally-friendly packaging for every order, we use biodegradable materials and have a no-plastic policy. Each delivery box comes with paper-like package fillers, which can be repurposed as wrapping paper for your gifts, making your Christmas gift a little extra special with its eco-friendly packaging.


Those were some of our Christmas gifts and wrapping ideas for your loved ones, with products that would definitely convey your love and sincerity. These Christmas gifts are suitable for both him and her, and are guaranteed to make the festive season a little more merry this year. Happy gifting!

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