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Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas for Colleagues

Christmas 2020: Affordable Gift Ideas for Colleagues

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to prepare ourselves for the season of giving. Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, as the good things are usually either too expensive, or don’t work as well as advertised.

We believe that gift-giving should not be a source of stress, so we’ve prepared a list of Christmas gift ideas and recommendations of good and affordable products. These products are especially great as Christmas gifts for colleagues or casual friends, some whom you may not want to spend too much of your Christmas gift budget for, but still want to give a good gift they’ll love.  

Specialty Food – Gift Ideas for Foodie Colleagues

Food is usually the safest gift for events like Christmas, because who doesn’t love some delicious treats? Step it up a notch this year and treat your friends and colleagues with some specialty snacks that are unique and interesting. Sunday Jam’s Premium Handmade Jam comes in three unique flavours - Tomato Chutney, Blueberry Milk and Earl Grey Milk, and has aesthetic two-tone combinations for each flavour that make it a pretty gift despite its simplicity. The jams are made with organically grown fruit and fresh dairy, and contain low sugar and no preservatives. The jams are on sale right now, going at $9.90 per jar (U.P. $24.90), and an additional 10% off on two or more jars. This makes it a perfect Christmas gift for both the health nut and the foodie alike!

Alternatively, Tivine’s Milk Tea Powder & Dalgona Crunchy Beverage Topping Set is a great Christmas gift option for colleagues who love sweet drinks and aesthetically pleasing beverages. The crunchy and sweet Dalgona biscuits are the Korean snack that inspired the Dalgona coffee craze, and Tivine’s version comes in smaller shards that can be placed easily as a topping for various beverages like coffees or milk teas. Additionally, the biscuits are made with Xylitol sugar for its low calorie content, making it the perfect bite-sized snack to munch on alone as well. Combined with the milk tea powder, your gift recipient will have loads of fun playing barista from home!

Aesthetic Tableware & Home Decor – Safe Gift Idea for Most Colleagues

When in doubt about what Christmas gift to get in 2020, functional and aesthetic presents are always the easiest answer. Hatsom Ceramic's Condiment Bowl & Butter Knife (DIA Series) have elegant, simple designs, and are developed by Korean award-winning designer Eun-Jung Yang. These luxurious tools are perfect for levelling up even the simplest meals to get that perfect Instagram aesthetic, and works together with any kitchen interior, making it the perfect gift for your colleagues!

Home decor is also an easy gift option, especially for colleagues you may not know specific preferences of. Design Chosun's Traditional Korean Mother of Pearl Magnet features natural Mother of Pearl inlaid in a grand traditional Korean dragon pattern, making it both unique and exquisite. This will definitely be a wonderful and thoughtful Christmas gift for anyone, especially if they appreciate traditional oriental patterns. 


Make it Extra Special This Christmas

BlueBasket uses environmentally-friendly packaging in all our orders, with biodegradable materials and a no-plastic policy. The paper-like package fillers in each delivery box can be repurposed as wrapping paper for your gifts, making your Christmas gift a little extra special with its eco-friendly packaging. 


Those were our recommendations regarding Christmas gift ideas for colleagues and friends, with all affordable items under $30. Hopefully this helped in your quest to find the perfect Christmas gift that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Happy gifting!


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