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Croissant + Waffle = Croffle, Where can you get the best CROFFLE from?

Croissant + Waffle = Croffle, Where can you get the best CROFFLE from?

What is Croffle?🥐🧇

The current trendiest home dessert in Korea is CROFFLE.

Croffle is a compound word from Croissant and Waflle. Croffles are made by cooking croissant dough on a waffle pan so it looks like a waffle, but it is actually a crossiant – Croffle! 

What do you need to prepare for the best croffle at home? 

1. High Quality Frozen Croissant Dough 

The basic step to make the best croffles at home is to get the best ingredients to start with.

BlueBasket tested many brands of croissant dough and we carefully selected the one with the best taste & texture for the perfect croffle.

 2. Good Non-Stick Waffle Pan 

There are many waffle pans and electric waffle makers available already and you might have one at home. 

If you do not have one, consider using the one BlueBasket has curated, for the following reasons:

- Non-sticky, no additional butter or oil needed to prevent stickiness

- Induction-friendly but still affordable, so you can use it for all stovetops

- Beautiful rose-gold colour for a beautiful kitchen aesthetics 

- Easy to clean with detachable pans and a grip holder clip to use & store safely

3. Stainless Steel Non-Stick Food Tongs 

- High quality stainless steel food tongs for easy pick-up and turn-over for croissants on the hot pan.

- Frozen dough gets sticky with hands so simply use BlueBasket's stainless steel tongs to handle croissants!

4. Add-on Toppings 

with Brown Cheese


with Ice Cream

with Fruits 


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