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Must-Haves for a Perfect Kitchen Interior Design

Must-Haves for a Perfect Kitchen Interior Design

The kitchen is an essential part of the house, and often the most difficult area to keep up with any pretty interior design that carries throughout the rest of the house. Especially with the default HDB kitchen designs, it can be hard to transform the space to a modern kitchen design that we see out of magazines and Instagram posts. 

Fret not - we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the absolute must-have items to help build the perfect kitchen interior, from unique and elegant tableware and kitchen tools to organisational essentials to keep the kitchen space tidy. 

Minimalistic & Good Quality Cooking Utensils

FIKA Ceramic-Coated Kitchenware Pots & Pans | Neoflam

Kitchenware is undoubtedly the most vital part of any kitchen, but it can be hard to coordinate the styles and colours of the different utensils with the rest of your kitchen layout. As a general rule, neutral tones and simple designs are the easiest ways to keep your entire kitchen design cohesive, instead of getting bold kitchenware like the red pans that are popular nowadays. 

The FIKA Ceramic-Coated Cookware Set by Neoflam is a popular kitchenware product among home cooks in Korea, due to its chic minimalist design and high functionality. The pots and pans come with a non-stick ceramic coating that is stain-resistant, and can be used with both induction and gas stoves. The FIKA pots and pans are a creamy off-white colour and have sleek wooden handles, making them easy to blend into and add to any kitchen interior design. 

Gold Korean Ceramic Cooking Pot | Lassiette

Inspired by the traditional golden nickel-silver pots we often see in K-dramas, Lassiette’s Korean Ceramic Cooking Pot (Gold Edition) is both stylish and highly functional. The pots come in an earthy two-tone design, and is topped off with a gold lid handle for an extra flair of elegance. They are safe for use with most cooking appliances, including gas stoves, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers, making them a great and aesthetic multi-use addition to any kitchen.

Stylish Tableware

A stylish and cohesive table set-up is key to the perfect kitchen design, as it’s the first thing your guests see when they’re over for a meal. Choose to go simple and minimalistic for an elegant look, or unique and eye-catching for a more memorable interior design.

Ceramic Dishes & Cutlery (DIA Series) | Hatsom Ceramic

For the ultimate elegant and minimalist kitchen interior design, Hatsom Ceramic’s DIA Series features a collection of premium Korean ceramic tableware - including their Assorted Ceramic Dishes and Butter Bowls & Knives. They come in unique geometric shapes and simple designs, allowing it to easily fit in with any sort of kitchen interior concept while still sprucing up your kitchen design aesthetic!

Traditional Korean Wooden Coasters | Design Chosun

For a more rustic look, Design Chosun’s Traditional Korean Wooden Coasters are sure to bring an elegant oriental touch to your kitchen design. These coasters are specially hand-crafted using traditional Korean lacquering techniques, and inlaid with natural Mother of Pearl for that unique iridescent shine.  

Heat-Resistant Silicone Pot Mats | Dailylike

Heat-resistant mats are an absolute must-have in any kitchen and dining room, be it to protect your tabletops or to prevent your drinks from slipping. Dailylike’s Heat-Resistant Silicone Pot Mats can act as a base for your hot pots of food or a coaster for your drinks. Each of the three designs come in neutral toned-down colours, allowing the mats to easily fit in with any modern kitchen design despite their unique designs. 

Unique & Handy Kitchen Tools

Smart Digital Kitchen Scale & Measuring Cup | Peter’s Pantry

As we progress into 2021, high-tech kitchen gadgets are not only sleek and functional, but super time-saving as well. The Smart Digital Kitchen Scale by Peter’s Pantry not only checks all those boxes, but is also small and space-saving to give that neat, minimalist kitchen design. Similarly, the Smart Digital Measuring Cup by Peter’s Pantry works great for baking and measuring liquids like coffee. 

Pastel Ceramic Knives, Holder & Cutting Board Set | Schnatz

Colour-coordination and meticulous organisation are some of the ultimate keys to the perfect kitchen interior, and Schnatz’s Ceramic Knives, Holder & Cutting Board Set is the easiest means to incorporate both into your kitchen. This kitchenware set includes five types of essential kitchen tools, a cutting board and a hygienic knife stand, all in matching shades of neutral colours of your choice. This will help level up your kitchen design, making everything look more cohesive and neat with minimal effort. 

Sleek & Functional Organisational Tools

Vacuum Seal Container Set | VAKUEN

Containers are the easiest way to keep your kitchen counter from getting cluttered with packages of different shapes and sizes. VAKUEN’s Vacuum Seal Container Set comes with a built-in vacuum pump for the ultimate tight, sterile storage of your food, ensuring that nothing ever gets stale or soggy. The design is sleek and minimal, and these stackable containers are sure to add to any modern kitchen design you’re trying to achieve!

Those were some of our kitchen design ideas for a neat, minimalist and modern kitchen design. The recommended kitchenware and organisational products are all widely popular in South Korea for their high quality and chic designs, and are sure to upgrade any kitchen interior. Happy decorating!

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