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How to Earn & Redeem Rewards

How to Earn & Redeem Rewards

Signing up as a BlueBasket member entitles you to a points reward system and a Welcome Kit which includes a set of coupons that are worth $60.

In order to help you fully utilise these perks as a BB member, below is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can earn more rewards and redeem these rewards.

Signing Up

Step 1: Click on the profile icon at the top right corner of the BlueBasket website.

Step 2: You will be led to our sign up page. Key in your details and you are all set!

Ways to Earn Rewards

Writing Reviews

You can accumulate points to unlock discount coupons for future purchases by writing reviews for the products you have bought.

Refer a Friend

Or, learn how you can get a $3 referral coupon by introducing BlueBasket to a friend! 

Redeeming Rewards

Step 1: Once you have signed up and logged in, head over to your profile page and you should be able to see a list of rewards you have earned.

Step 2: Click on the blue ‘Redeem’ button a coupon code will be generated. Apply the code and the amount will be automatically deducted at checkout.

Step 3: Alternatively, click on ‘View Rewards’ on your profile page.

Step 4: A pop-up window will appear showing a list of rewards which you have redeemed but not used.

Step 5: Click ‘View’ for the coupon you wish to use, and you should see the discount code which you can apply again. You can always come back to this page to copy the code and paste it manually at checkout if it does not apply automatically. 

If you happen to land on the main page of the rewards pop-up window, just scroll down and click on ‘Your Rewards’ to view the list of redeemed rewards.

Applying Discount Codes

To apply any discount code, go to your shopping basket by clicking on the basket icon on the top right corner.

On the checkout page, there will be a bar to enter discount codes. Paste the code there and click ‘Apply’. It should then appear as a tag below the bar and the respective discount will be deducted from your bill.

Validity of Rewards

Coupons that have been redeemed (i.e. a code has been generated and you can find them under the list at ‘View Rewards’) are only valid for 30 days.

Ensure that you apply them at checkout before they expire so that your rewards are not forfeited. Coupons that have not been redeemed will not expire.

Do also note that points accumulated will expire after 3 months, so be sure to claim your rewards on time!


That’s all to how you can make use of all the points you have earned and shop more savvily with BlueBasket! We hope this tutorial has been helpful and you will continue to enjoy shopping with us.

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