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Review for Rewards

Review for Rewards

Did you know that being a BB member entitles you to more chances to accumulate shopping benefits? Reviews for instance are a great and easy way to earn some extra dollars that you can use on your next checkout!

Why Write Reviews

Each verified review you write adds points to the reward system every BB member is enrolled in.

You can head over to your profile page on the BlueBasket website to check your available points, which will accumulate over time and unlock more coupons which you can redeem for your future purchases.

The more points you earn, the more you stand to save! Read more on how to redeem your rewards.

How Much You Can Earn

Text review

10 points (equivalent to $0.10) will be added to your profile for every text review you write for a product.

Review with photo / video

You can earn double of that, 20 points (equivalent to $0.20), simply by attaching a photo or video of the product you received along with a short text!

How Many Reviews You Can Write

You can write a review for every product you have purchased. In other words, if you have ordered 10 different items in a receipt, you can write a total of 10 reviews! 

This will earn you 200 points if you have added photos or videos to every one of them, which is equivalent to $2.00 and more than enough to get you a Frozen Sweet Persimmon or INTAKE Konjac Jelly at no cost at all!

April Double-Points Promotion

Exclusively for the month of April, points awarded for every verified review will be doubled - 20 points ($0.20) for a text review and 40 points ($0.40) for a review with photos / videos.

Best Reviewers

Specially for the month of April as well, we are giving away $130 worth of gift cards to our top reviewers of the month. 

Our Best Reviewer with the most number of verified reviews written in April will receive a $50 BlueBasket gift card, while the 2nd to 5th top reviewers will receive a $20 gift card each.

Don’t miss out this limited-time opportunity to snatch some double earnings!

*Winners will be announced via Instagram and email by 7 May 2021.

How to Write Reviews


One way to leave reviews is to do so directly from the email you will receive from BlueBasket upon successful delivery of your purchase.

Profile page

Another way is to check your past orders through your profile page and click into each product you have purchased to leave a review. You can leave reviews for products from any of your past purchases as long as the product is still available on BlueBasket.


It's that simple! Share your thoughts on our products now and grab those points to save more on your next purchase!

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