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Silicone Lunch Box 실리컬 레시피앙 (3 Sizes) | Hauls Home

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Silicone Lunch Box

Colourful selection of eco-friendly storage options for your meals or cooking ingredients! Available in 3 different sizes with specially curated colour palettes inspired by nature to make your kitchen space come alive.

Why Silicone?

Do you heat up food in the microwave oven often? Out of all the microwave-safe materials, silicone is the perfect one that combats all the disadvantages of:

  • Plastics - Endocrine disruptors
  • Ceramics - Heavy weight
  • Glass - Easily broken

For Lasting Freshness

The silicone lunch boxes' opaque design ensures that light does not pass through when stored in the refrigerator, which ensures longer storage life and better retention of freshness for your food and ingredients.

While the flexibility of the silicone does not ensure a 100% air-tight seal, the lid has been designed to fit perfectly over the container, which creates an almost air-tight seal.

Size Options


The size most frequently used for rice or porridge. Also great for separating your cooking ingredients or packing lunch boxes for your little kids!

Dimensions: 13.5 x 9.5 x 5.3cm


Hauls Home's most frequently used size, ideal for storing side dishes or cooking ingredients as well as for packing lunch. It is a size that you can get the most practical uses out from. 

Dimensions: 15.5 x 11.7 x 6cm


The largest size available, it can fit all sorts of vegetables and large portions of side dishes. Its tight seal also makes it great for keeping soups and stews fresh.

Dimensions: ï»?5.5 x 11.7 x 9.7cm

Product Specifications

Material: Silicone

Origin: Made in Korea

Temperature range: 40-250°C

The container does not change in size greatly even when repeatedly used in drastic temperature changes from freezing to boiling. As such it can be used semi-permanently.

Safe for use in:

  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Microwave oven
  • Oven
  • Boiling water (eg. for sterilising purposes)
  • Steamer
  • Rice cooker
  • Dishwasher

How to Sterilise Your Silicone Containers

With rice water, water + 3 drops of vinegar, or water + baking soda, boil the containers for 3 minutes.

Making Full Use Your Silicone Containers

Paired with Hauls Home's Silicone Trays that fit perfectly into the 700ml and 1100ml sizes, these containers are designed to be used for many purposes. 

Microwave Heating

By unplugging the steam valve in the lid, you can easily handle the container while heating your food in the microwave without removing the entire lid. With the tray, you can even steam your vegetables in the microwave by adding some water at the bottom.

TIP: When the container is hot from heating, hold the part of the lid attached to the container to lift it easily.

Drain Fried Food of Oil

Keep Fresh Produce Chilled

Straining Vegetables of Water

Soap Holder


Q: I just opened the package and the container and lid seem to emit a smell. Can I still use them?

A: As the product is made from silicone, it is normal for it to emit a smell upon unpackaging. To remove the smell, use baking soda or citric acid mixed in hot water to disinfect the product. As silicone has a higher absorbing tendency, please take note to use a scentless soap to wash the container and lid, and try to avoid placing strong-smelling foods in the container. 

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