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Super Sweet Chodang Corn 초당옥수수


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Chodang Corn Farm pick on 21 th and airflown on 22th. 

Delivery only can start from 23th~ 

Super Sweet Chodang Corn

A seasonal harvest that can only be enjoyed for a limited time every year: the crunchy and super sweet Chodang Corn freshly harvested in Jeju Island and delivered to you! Chodang Corn (초당?¥수?? in Korean translates literally to super sweet corn, and as the name implies, the corn is high in sugar content and is non-GMO. The best thing? These corn can be enjoyed raw! Simply remove the leaves, wash the corn and enjoy this delicious snack. A healthy snack or dessert that your whole family will love.

How Is Chodang Corn Different From Regular Corn?

  • Higher sugar content (more than 18 Brix on average) due to specialised farming methods and techniques that allow for corn to be cultivated for maximum sweetness. 
  • Higher moisture content, abundant juices 
  • Lower in starch content and calories, making it a perfect diet food

Ways to Enjoy Chodang Corn

1. Consume it as it is

One key highlight about Chodang Corn is that you can simply wash it and enjoy the tasty corn as it is! The high sugar and moisture content as well as crunchy texture will have you feeling as if you are munching on a fruit instead.

2. By Steaming

Steam the corn for about 15-20 minutes and enjoy it while it is piping hot.

Note: Please do not boil the corn in hot water, as it will take away its sweetness.

3. By Microwave

Pop the corn into the microwave for 3-5 minutes to enjoy corn with a delicious and soft texture.

4. By Grilling

Grill the corn in the air-fryer, oven or on the frying pan, then add some butter and parsley at the end for a delicious dish of grilled corn! You can even top it off with some cheese and let it melt to get an elevated sweet and salty flavour.

What You Will Be Getting

The Chodang Corn comes in bundles of either 3 or 5 corns, with each corn around 15-20cm long. The Chodang Corn will be air-flown fresh from Korea.

Super Sweet Chodang Corn 초당옥수수

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