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Silicone Flat Container and Lid 맥 트레이와 뚜껑 | Hauls Home

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Silicone Flat Container and Lid

A multi-purpose silicone flat container that can either be used as a tray, a covered container, or stacked up to form a multi-compartment storage. An environmental-friendly alternative to disposable containers, which helps you to reduce plastic waste. Available in three trendy colours (monogray, plum purple and papaya). Containers and lids are sold separately.

One Container, Many Uses

Be it as a lunchbox, as a tray or to store your takeouts, the uses for this versatile silicone flat container are endless. 

Sturdy Design

Worried that the soft silicone will not allow the container to hold up strongly? Fret not as Hauls Home's flat silicone container comes with a uniquely designed base with grooves that ensures the container remains sturdy and does not loose its shape. Furthermore, the container can hold liquids of up to 620ml on one side without loosing shape or collapsing. 

Safe Materials Used

Manufactured using KCC-approved silicone from Korea, these silicone flat containers can also be sterilised in hot water. The container can also be used in microwave, oven and toaster.

Steam Valve Lid

The lid for the silicone flat container comes with a steam valve, which allows food to retain its moisture even after reheating. When heating up food in the microwave, simply cover the container with the lid and ensure the steam valve is open.

Need trays for steaming? Check out Hauls Home's Silicone Tray.

Product Specifications

Flat Container: (L) 25 x (B) 19.5 x (H) 4cm

Container Lid: (L) 25.5 x (B) 20.2 x (H) 2cm

Tip for Removing Stains

For food stains and discolourations on your silicone product, we recommend sterilising the containers in the sunlight. Simply leave the container parts at a window with sufficient sunlight for a day to remove any stains and reduce odour. 

Try out this method before throwing out your silicone products!


Q: I just opened the package and the container and lid seem to emit a smell. Can I still use them?

A: As the product is made from silicone, it is normal for it to emit a smell upon unpackaging. To remove the smell, use baking soda or citric acid mixed in hot water to disinfect the product. As silicone has a higher absorbing tendency, please take note to use a scentless soap to wash the container and lid, and try to avoid placing strong-smelling foods in the container. 

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