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ONEDAY Multiuse Kitchen Sponge Roll | Dearcus

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ONEDAY Multi-Use Kitchen Sponge Roll

Eco-friendly and recyclable dish washing sponge

Tear them like paper towels and easily replace them once a week

To keep your kitchen hygienic & clean!


BB Curator Comments

Bacteria grows easily in kitchen sponges, especially in hot & humid weathers like Singapore. If you do not change your sponges frequently, did you know that it can contain up to 200 times more bacteria than your toilet bowl! Easily change up your dishwashing routine and never worry about germs with the Dearcus ONEDAY Kitchen Sponge!  


Why you should use the Dearcus ONEDAY Multi-Use Kitchen Sponge Roll?

A Singapore kitchen hygiene study revealed that 88 percent of home dishwashing sponges tested were found to contain the salmonella and Escherichia coli bacteria.

Experts recommend that dishwashing sponges be changed every two weeks, as these germs can cause food poisoning and infections. However, most families do not change it often as it's a hassle, and those who don't cook often find it wasteful. 

Dearcus ONEDAY Kitchen Sponge Roll makes it easy to use and replace your dishwashing sponges frequently. Use as a one-time-use sponge, or as a convenient way to swap out old sponges once a week! It's also great for those who don't cook everyday, as they can just use a new sponge on the days they need it. 

Dearcus ONEDAY Multi-Use Kitchen Sponge Roll Features


1. Convenient to tear, easy to use & hygienic ONEDAY Kitchen Sponge Roll

Each sponge sheet can be used for anywhere from 1 day to 1 week. Even if you use one sheet a day, one roll can last you up to 2 months.


2. The secret behind Dearcus ONEDAY Kitchen Sponge is effective cleaning

2-ply sheet that cleans more thoroughly than 1-ply sheets and strong fiber bonds in our Melt Blown wool, with excellent absorbency and durability. 


3. Multi-use for the kitchen, living room & bathroom

Use when washing the dishes, removing dust from furniture or even cleaning the toilet drains. 

4. Recyclable: Made with 100% PP material.

Use and throw your sponges while still being eco-friendly! 


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