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Christmas 2020: Quality Gifts for Family & Loved Ones

Christmas is the season of giving, and we’re all searching for the best Christmas gifts for our family & loved ones. These Christmas gift ideas consider the different interests and needs that your family and close friends may have, so buckle up and get ready to start gifting!

Christmas 2020: Affordable Gift Ideas for Colleagues

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to prepare ourselves for the season of giving. Gift-giving should not be a source of stress, so we’ve prepared a list of Christmas 2020 gift ideas that you can actually get in Singapore for less than $30!

6 Health Benefits of Tart Cherry for Women & How to Maximise It

Tart cherries are a specific breed of cherries known as Montmorency cherries. Packed with important nutrients, tart cherries brings many health benefits that you and your body can enjoy. Here are some of the many health benefits of tart cherries, and how you can easily keep up with your tart cherry intake!

COVID-19 Travel Essentials: Must-Haves For Hygiene & Beauty

Whether you’re going about your daily life or travelling, hygiene is the main priority and our first line of defence against COVID-19. Especially with new travel bubbles, like Hong Kong-Singapore, and plans for upcoming travel bubbles, we should be extra prepared to travel safely.

5 Benefits of Collagen for Women & How to Maximise It

Collagen is a widely popular ingredient in skincare and healthcare, especially in Korea, due to the multiple benefits of collagen for skin and health. Here are some of the great benefits of collagen, and how you can go about introducing collagen to your diet.

5 Benefits of Pomegranate for Women & How to Unlock Them

Well-loved for its tangy flavour, most people still do not know the full benefits of Pomegranate, especially for women! Regarded as a skin superfood, the unique fruit is good for women’s health, skin and digestion - among many other things.

9 Best Baby Shower Gifts & DIY Hamper Ideas

Attending baby showers and birthdays can be tough, especially when it comes to picking a good gift. Here are some of the best baby products that have great quality, functionality and won’t break the bank. These items are a perfect start for your friend’s (or your own) baby shower gifts!

Keep Yourself Fit at Home With Korea's Best Home Workout Equipment

Exercise is the one thing you can never give up, no matter busy you are. Since the pandemic broke out, even fitness buffs have started searching for options that will allow them to exercise at home. Here are some of our personal favourite Korean home workout equipments.

Best Skincare Ingredients To Look Out For in K-Beauty Products

Regardless of the skincare effect you’re hoping to achieve, the ingredient list never lies. Here's a handy list of the best K-beauty skin care ingredients for you to look out for if you want great results!