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Meal Kits: Dining In The New Normal

What is a Meal Kit? It's simple. A Meal Kit is an All-In-One kit with pre-cut vegetables and meat packaged separately with step-by-step instructions to prepare restaurant quality dishes at the comfort of your own home. All the ingredients are cut, vacuum sealed and blast frozen to ensure that they...


Top 10 Places to Visit on Your Next Trip to Seoul

Having a strong bout of wanderlust and dreaming about your next visit to Korea? Let BlueBasket take you on a mini virtual tour to the top 10 hottest, must-see attractions in Seoul right from the comfort of your home. Miss Seoul? Meet BlueBasket.

Review for Rewards

Did you know that being a BB member entitles you to more chances to accumulate shopping benefits? Reviews for instance are a great and easy way to earn some extra dollars that you can use on your next checkout! Why Write Reviews Each verified review you write adds points to...

How to Earn & Redeem Rewards

Signing up as a BlueBasket member entitles you to a points reward system and a Welcome Kit which includes a set of coupons that are worth $60. In order to help you fully utilise these perks as a BB member, below is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can earn...

BB Day: What Is It and When?

BlueBasket celebrates BB Day on the 13th of every month, as the number '13' looks like a capital 'B'!  Every month, there will be special promotions that last between a day and a week in celebration of BB Day, occurring on the 13th itself or the entire week on which the 13th falls. ...

$3 Referral Coupon: How to Redeem

Invite your friend to join as a BlueBasket member and earn $3 for both of you! New BB members who sign up through a referral will receive a $3 off on their first order, and existing members can earn 300 points in your BB account whenever a friend you invite makes...

Croissant + Waffle = Croffle, Where can you get the best CROFFLE from?

What is Croffle?🥐🧇 The current trendiest home dessert in Korea is CROFFLE. Croffle is a compound word from Croissant and Waflle. Croffles are made by cooking croissant dough on a waffle pan so it looks like a waffle, but it is actually a crossiant – Croffle!  What do you need to prepare for the best croffle...

Korean Strawberry Varieties You Have to Try

Korean strawberries are an icon of South Korean culture, being popular both internationally and locally for their sweet flavour, fragrant aroma and juicy fruit. Here are some of the top strawberry varieties in Korea, as well as some key information regarding these varieties.

Mandarin Orange Storage Tips: Keep Your Jeju Tangerines Fresh

It's important to know how to store your tangerines properly to keep them fresh for longer, especially in Singapore's humid climate. Here are some basic storage tips so that you can easily keep your tangerines fresh and enjoy them for a longer period of time.

What to Do With Extra Mandarin Oranges: 5 Creative Jeju Tangerine Recipes & Ideas

Koreans enjoy their Jeju tangerines in a number of unique ways, besides just eating them as is. Here are some creative and easy ways you can enjoy your Jeju mandarin oranges, from snacks to beverages and desserts!

Jeju Tangerines: What Makes Them Special?

Tangerines are one of the icons of Jeju Island, and is a widely-loved fruit throughout Korea, especially during the winter. So, what exactly is it that makes Jeju tangerines so delicious and special? 

Types of Korean Jeju Tangerines That You Must Try

Korea is home to some exceptionally tasty fruits, and one of their most popular winter fruits is the Jeju tangerine. Here are some of the types of Korean tangerines you absolutely have to try, and some interesting information about them.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas & Storage Tips

Kitchen organisation may seem difficult or even impossible, but it can be so easy if you know the right tips. Here are some of our kitchen organisation ideas, storage tips & recommended products!

Benefits of Probiotic Supplements & How to Maximise Them

Probiotics are a popular form of supplementation, due to their variety of health benefits. Here are some of the best benefits of probiotics, and our recommendations for the best probiotic supplements. 

Must-Haves for a Perfect Kitchen Interior Design

The kitchen is an essential part of the house and it can be hard to maintain the house's pretty interior design in the kitchen. Fret not - we've prepared the must-have Korean items for achieving the perfect kitchen interior design.

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