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Kitchen Organisation Ideas & Storage Tips

Kitchen Organisation Ideas & Storage Tips

Kitchen organisation can be hard, especially if you’re a foodie or have a big family. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be impossible - you just have to know the right organising tips to keep the kitchen neat and tidy with minimal effort. 

Here are some of our kitchen organisation ideas, as well as organisation tool recommendations that can help you maximise your kitchen space!

1. Stack Containers Neatly 

It may seem pretty intuitive to stack your plastic food containers instead of leaving them lying around, but it can be difficult to stack containers of different sizes and designs. To step up your kitchen organisation, get stackable food storage containers to store your food and other ingredients, as they are designed to be able to neatly fit together. 

This not only makes your kitchen look neater and more organised, but also means your food can be stored even on countertops without looking messy, leaving more space inside your cupboards for other kitchen tools. 

To try out this kitchen organisation idea, we recommend checking out Changsin Living’s Stackable Airtight Food Containers, which enables that satisfying alignment for stacking, despite the 6 differing sizes. For storing baby food, Dailylike’s Stackable Baby Tritan Food Container is great as it comes with measurement indicators and a locking mechanism to keep your stacked containers in place with a twist.  


2. Maximise Fridge Space With Vacuum Containers 

Airtight containers are one thing, but using vacuum food storage containers will take freshness to a whole new level. Besides all the functions of a normal airtight container, vacuum containers are perfect for storing fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, vacuum containers help to ensure that dry foods like crackers, chips and pasta stay fresh and crisp without the help of the fridge, so you can store them in your pantry and spare some extra fridge space!

To try out this kitchen organisation idea, we recommend the Vacuum Multi-Container by VAKUEN, which comes built-in with a patented pump that is allegedly able to keep unpeeled fruits fresh for up to 30 days. It is microwave, dishwasher and freezer-safe, and has a stackable and modular design for space optimisation (see Tip 2), making it a perfect kitchen essential for organisation. 


3. Group Spices & Ingredients for Easy Use

Instead of having your individual spice bottles lying around the kitchen, tidy them up with a spice rack or a standardised set of food storage containers. Bring the kitchen organisation one step further by categorising and grouping together spices that are frequently used together, to make your meal prep that much easier and quicker. Any system of categorisation will work, but we suggest grouping the spices according to cuisine or by frequency of usage.

To try out this kitchen organisation idea, we recommend checking out Changsin Living’s Airtight Spice Container Rack, which features a compact spice rack with a modern design. The racks come with the option of 3 or 4 airtight containers each, and can be used to group your spices neatly. 


4. Reusable Bags & Containers 

Use ziplock bags, which are more compact than plastic food storage containers, to maximise your fridge space. The flexibility of bags allows you to jam-pack them to fit nicely into small crevices like fridge shelves, and its compact size makes it easy to bring your food and packed lunches on the go, be it to school or the office. Switching from disposable plastic ziplock bags to reusable silicone ones is not only better for the environment, but also keeps your kitchen free of unnecessary clutter with boxes of disposable bags. 

To try out this kitchen organisation idea, we recommend checking out the Silicone Food Pouch Ziplock Container by Sillymann, which has a high temperature resistance range (from -40°C to 250°C). This makes it super convenient as well, since the bags can be put straight into the microwave, dishwasher or even the airfryer. 

If you’d like to organise the kids’ food with a separate pouch, Sillymann’s Silicone Kids Multi-Purpose Food Pouch Ziplock comes with cute designs that your kids will be proud to call their own. 

5. Use Drawer Dividers

While many of us probably already have basic drawer dividers and kitchen cabinet organisers built in, we should not be confined to only using these. By purchasing dividers of varying sizes and shapes, they can act as a kitchen cabinet and drawer organiser to neatly store all sorts of kitchen tools (besides just the usual cutlery). Consider getting dividers that are adjustable or expandable to fit your needs - they can also be used even when you change up the tools over time. 

For bigger items like pots and pans, maximise your cabinet space by getting kitchen storage racks to stack them safely. These storage racks can also be used to organise other types of kitchen essentials, such as sauces and tableware. 


These simple kitchen organisation ideas are easy to implement and highly effective, making it easy to stay neat and organised even with a fully-packed kitchen. Be sure to combine these tips and tricks for the ultimate decluttering and kitchen organising experience!

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