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Her Basket is a influencer market
 carefully curated by BlueBasket


Twinkle Mini Stove 

Introducing our FIRST ever collaboration with a SG influencer! Cook in style, just like Jamie does! Decked in trendy pastel colour tones and a sleek design, our Dr.Hows mini gas stove is both compact and easy-to-use on any occasion!


La Conviette butter

Premium French butter from La Conviette, made from pasteurized creams matured for at least 18 hours. Our Mini French Butter Rolls are as fresh as they are sweet, and perfect for everyday use.


Triangle Kitchen Tools

SMART TOOLS FOR PERFECT RESULTS. Introducing Triangle, expertise in kitchen tools since 1946. Made for professional chefs and individuals with a great passion for cooking.


Woothic Jewellery Display Stand

Her Basket introduces Woothic Studioโ€™s Jewellery Display Stand, where a practical and charming handicraft design was created through the analysis of lifestyles. 

Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack

Stainless steel dish drying rack that dries your plates, bowls, chopping board and utensils all at once. With this sturdy and space-saving design, use your kitchen space more efficiently while keeping your kitchen looking neat and sleek. 


Stainless Steel Sponge Holder 

A high quality, sturdy and durable stainless steel sponge rack that can help you to keep your sink area clean and neat.


Abode 100-Facets Qumond Jewellery

Premium grade stone with a 100-facet cut using delicate and exquisite techniques, to give it a brilliant and elegant look. Dazzle up your daily life with the luxurious and durable Abode 100-Facets Qumond Jewellery. 


A Cup of Tart Cherry

Cherries are known as the diamond of fruits because of its rich taste and high nutritional value. Among them, the Montmorency Tart Cherry is said to be good for sleep and inflammation treatment. A cup of tart cherries consists of approximately 33 cherries (102g). 

Container Set for The Freeze

Introducing Petitbonbon, a Korean influencer who has 137k followers, usually posts stunning recipes and kitchen tips. Meet the Thx_Soyoon container set for the freezer, highly recommended by Petitbonbon. 

Twinkle Mini Stove

Cook in style with this compact Dr.Hows mini gas stove decked in fashionable colour tones with a sleek and simple design for all installations and use.

Fresher for Longer

Do you keep your food in plastic bags or zip-lock bags with the wrapping on?This can actually cause a build-up of moisture and external air that can speed up the decaying process. With VAKUEN's Multi Containers, ensure that your food can be kept in a completely dry, sterile environment.

Hygienic & Fresh Food Storage

Keep your food fresh, without having to worry about lingering odours in the fridge with these high-quality stainless steel containers. Unlike plastic containers, the stainless steel material effectively prevents the growth of bacteria and food spoilage.

How Delicious Can Rice Be?

If you have never been a fan of rice, perhaps you are using the wrong cookware. Believe it or not, the taste of your rice differs with the pot you use. Traditional Korean restaurants serve rice in personalised pressure cookers to retain all the natural flavours of the rice. You can now recreate that rich taste of rice at home.

BlueBasket x Hyundai

Chuseok: Korean Thanksgiving Day.Weโ€™ve carefully prepared the best Chuseok gift sets in collaboration with Hyundai, just for you.

Safe, Lightweight and Air-Tight Kitchen Storage Solution

[Crystal Tritan Lock Air-tight Containers Set] Keep your food fresh while safeguarding the health of you and your family with these BPA-free air-tight containers made of 100% Tritan plastic.

Beautifully Designed Kitchen Essentials

[Jenniferoom Kitchen Appliances] Style up your kitchen space with these adorable and handy basic kitchen appliances. With their compact designs, they get the job done even in small living spaces.

Cleaning Essentials for Your Home

[ Household Cleaning Essentials ]A dust and germ-free living space is crucial as we spend much our time at home. With these smart and compact Jeniferoom cleaning tools, enjoy quality time at home without any worries.

Want that thick, luscious dark hair?

[Korean Seoritae Black Bean Hair Supplement] Black beans are known to aid hair growth and maintain the strength and health of our hair. However, it may be difficult to incorporate this super food into our everyday diet. With these individually packaged pills, you can easily take care of your daily black bean intake to receive all of its benefits and regain your confidence with beautiful hair!

Multi-Functional Kitchen Essential

Stainless steel dish drying rack that dries your plates, bowls, chopping board and utensils all at once. With this sturdy and space-saving design, use your kitchen space more efficiently while keeping your kitchen looking neat and sleek.

Functionality & Beauty in One Furniture

Uplift your home interior without compromising on functionality with Abode's multi-tiered trolley cum side-table, with a variety of compartments to accommodate all storage uses. Fitted with 360ยฐ rollers for maximum mobility even within tight spaces, you can bring your necessities to wherever you are at home.

Teeth Whitening Made Easy

Want to have rows of shiny white teeth without spening the extra time on whitening care? The Me Flash LED toothbrush and toothpaste set helps incorporate whitening functions into your everyday dental routine. Just take 3 minutes to brush your teeth everyday and Me Flash will do all the job for you.

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